The Environment

In line with the new King III reporting standards relating to the recording of greenhouse gas emissions emanating from business operations, Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI), of which Golden Arrow is a fully owned subsidiary, commissioned the collection of climate change data and initial risk assessment of all subsidiary companies. Data collection was done in accordance with the internationally prescribed Greenhouse Gas Protocol and detailed the usage of inter alia electricity, petrol, diesel, gas, coal, steam, heating and cooling as well as quantifying the generation of waste such as paper, sewage, used oil, steel and industrial effluent.


Golden Arrow’s fleet of buses consume millions of litres of diesel fuel per annum resulting in a relatively high (Scope 1) exhaust emissions count. However, the use of public transport is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways of reducing personal carbon footprints and its use is being actively encouraged at all levels of private industry and government. GABS’ relatively high Scope 1 emissions should therefore be viewed in this context as the company obviates personal car usage through providing mobility to some 220 000 individuals on a daily basis.


The robust recapitalisation of the Golden Arrow fleet through the acquisition of 500 new buses since 2002 has also provided a basis for operational efficiencies and decreased emissions. The latest model buses boast Euro 3 specifications that reduce exhaust emissions through the fitment of turbo chargers, electronic fuel pumps and injectors which contribute to efficient engine operations.


A further significant sustainable contribution is the attainment of the Green Building accreditation status of the newly opened Southgate depot. All aspects of the design and construction of this depot took cognizance of resource efficient processes. The building features energy saving lighting, solar powered heating and air conditioning. In addition it draws its electricity supply from the wind-powered Darling grid.