Social Responsibility

Woodside Special Care Centre

Woodside Special Care Centre is a residential home caring for 90 profoundly mentally and physically disabled children and young adults, all of whom have a very low IQ level and extremely limited abilities. At Woodside, 24-hour care is provided by a team of nursing staff, dedicated care-workers, occupational and physio-therapists who all work towards keeping the children in their care healthy and happy. The daily programme consists of sensory and motor stimulation, outside play and music, physiotherapy, feeding and toilet training skills, walks and assistance with correct positioning in wheelchairs and indoor play to prevent boredom. The Woodside children have their health needs, physical needs and emotional needs met; they are well cared for, they are loved and they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. The Centre’s primary objective is to enhance the lives of the children in its care by providing a safe, loving, caring environment through the services of committed staff who develop the children’s capacity as individuals and who empower their respective families and the greater community.