Social Reponsibility

Tygerberg Outreach Programme


The Tygerberg Outreach Programme was launched in 2000 by ex-teacher Margaret Faure in order to give HIV Positive mothers the opportunity to provide for their children. The project started out small with just three sewing machines and a group of women who had never sewed before. Since then it has helped more than 100 women to empower themselves. Today they have diversified beyond their initial simple sewing projects and they create beautiful duvet covers, aprons, bags, ornate beading projects and quilts. There is also a group of visually impaired women who make cane baskets for which the other women make covers. The project’s primary aim is to empower women to look beyond any stigmas that society may have attached to them and allow them to put food on the table for their children who would otherwise depend on hand-outs. The funding from the HCI Foundation has been used to purchase the numerous raw materials needed by the programme.