Social Responsibility

St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s was established in 1935 to care for disabled and chronically ill children left destitute by the Great Depression. Today the need for their services remains just as pressing and the home continues to provide a holistic healing environment for children living with HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, congenital birth defects, accident and abuse victims, renal and heart failure and other chronic illnesses. Most of the children in care come from informal settlements where clean water, electricity, sanitation and healthy food are in short supply. While the children are in care, they are provided with 24 hour nursing care, with a multi-disciplinary intervention focus. The care includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, special dietary meals, formal schooling and a crèche pre-school programme. Parents also receive training and counselling from social workers on how to monitor and care for their children.