Social Responsibility

Men on the Side of the Road (MSR)

Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) seek to assist the scores of men (and women) who seek casual labour on a daily basis from “sites” at the side of the road. These men are extremely vulnerable to exploitation as there is an enormous amount of competition for even the smallest of jobs and because they lack access to employment networks and skills development, they have little or no choice but to accept whatever is offered to them. MSR provides a bridge, which enables members to move into the mainstream economy. This is done primarily through the facilitation of employment opportunities at organised sites where a designated fieldworker encourages men to register as MSR members. Once an individual has been registered he receives a laminated registration card with a photograph, which allows employers to identify the worker, confirm his details and skills and get references via the MSR online database. To date MSR has helped tens of thousands of people to find work and has facilitated the training of thousands of members in an effort to ensure their self-sustainability.