Skills Development

Over the 150 year period, the development of a range of skilled disciplines, operating systems and technological advances has characterised the progress of the Company. The current fleet of 1035 peak buses is managed, driven, maintained and supported by an employee complement of around three employees per bus. The Company keeps abreast with the demand for the development and supply of skills required to support operations through its accredited Learning and Assessment Centre. It is also one of only a few companies which have retained the indentured apprenticeship system. It has annual complement of approximately fifty apprenticeship trainees in a number of metal, engineering, mechanical, electrical and allied trades.


Our Learning and Assessment Centre is accredited with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) for all its professional driver training and is also accredited with MerSETA. The Company utilizes a number of accredited service providers for management and leadership programmes. Eligible employees are also able to access further study benefits from the Company.


Accredited programmes:

  • Professional Driver Skills Programme (90 credits)
  • National Certificate in Professional Driving (122 credits)
  • Automotive Repair and Retain Commercial Learnership (130 credits)
  • Automotive Workshop Assistant (78 credits)
  • Automotive Maintenance Assistant (52 credits)

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