Golden Arrow Employee Medical Benefit Fund

Notifications for GAEMBF Members

September Communication for GAEMBF Members
Potential causes of a stroke
September Email Communication.pdf
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August Communication for GAEMBF Members
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers.pdf
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July Communication for GAEMBF Members
July Communication for GAEMBF Members
July Communication.pdf
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AGM [29 July 2020] - Cover Letter
Invitation to AGM for members - Cover Letter
GA AGM Cover Letter 2020.pdf
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AGM [29 July 2020] Agenda
Agenda for AGM
GA AGM Notice 29 July 2020.pdf
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June Communication
Information regarding hospital admissions for COVID-19 and hand hygiene
June Communication.pdf
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Flu Vaccinations 2020-05-19
Important notice regarding flu vaccinations for GAEMBF Members
Flu Vaccinations.pdf
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What is covered by the Golden Arrow Employees medical benefit fund?
COVID-19 .pdf
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2020 GA END COVER letter
GA Comms Year End Cover Letter_4October2
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2020 GAEMBF Benefits
GAEMBF Benefits Communication
Golden Arrow Benefits_2020_4October2019.
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2020 GAEMBF Plan Option Change Form
GAEMBF Options Form
Golden Arrow Option Form_4October2019.pd
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Pap Smear Email Communication
GAEMBF Pap Smear Email Communication.pdf
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Change to Chronic Conditions Covered - November 2020
Change to Chronic Conditions - Nov 2020.
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