Driver Training

Road Safety and Driver Behaviour

Golden Arrow’s mission is to operate safe, reliable transport services designed to meet the needs of its customers. The Company’s safety interventions are primarily focused on the driver, the bus and vigilant compliance with all regulations pertaining to road safety and traffic management. This holistic approach to road safety makes it possible for Golden Arrow to ensure that each and every employee is aware of the critical role that he/she plays in maintaining GABS’ sterling safety record. Below are some of the key safety interventions:


Poster Campaign

Golden Arrow, recognising the need for an inclusive programme, designed its safety campaign so that staff would not only be reminded of the vital importance of safety during training and meetings but that it would be present everywhere, every day. To this end a companywide campaign consisting of strategically located posters has been implemented. The posters display messages that reinforce the roles and responsibilities of each and every driver and ensures that road safety forms the basis of our internal culture.


Driver Training

All Golden Arrow bus drivers receive compulsory training which encompasses both practical and theoretical aspects of the job. During the training course, drivers complete 90 credits of the Professional Driver Skills Programme and/or 122 credits of the full National Certificate in Professional Driving (NCPD) Qualification.


All drivers are required to obtain a valid Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) before actively starting their careers with Golden Arrow. Road safety refresher courses are compulsory every two years. Drivers are also counselled in the event of public complaints, inspector reports and accident/incident reports.


The Bus:

Every single one of our buses undergoes regular rigorous maintenance. The list below will give you some idea of what goes on behind the scenes in order to keep our buses in tip-top shape:

  • Weekly mechanical, electrical, body and tyre safety checks conducted on all the buses to identify defects
  • Daily repairs of work identified during weekly safety checks
  • Buses are serviced at 15 000km intervals, which is lower than the 20 000km intervals recommended by the suppliers
  • Certificate of Roadworthiness checks done on 6 monthly intervals
  • Extensive Fleet renewal – approximately 500new buses added to the fleet since 2003

The Central Engineering Division takes responsibility for major overhaul of units such as engines, gearboxes, axles, fuel injector systems and other sub-assemblies as well as major body and auto-electrical repairs.


As part of Golden Arrow’s aim to provide a quality service to the public, the Engineering Division has introduced a programme that focuses on the following:

  • Ensuring that all lights are in 100% working condition
  • Replacing of damaged windows
  • Ensuring that all windscreen wipers are in working condition
  • Replacing of damaged body panels and completing required paint work
  • Completing required electrical work to fix loose electrical wires
  • Fixing all air leaks
  • Fixing all oil leaks
  • Ensuring that fuel caps are fitted with rubber seals and not leaking
  • Replacing faulty destination screens
  • Replacing all cut seats
  • Replacing of damaged floor coverings
  • Replacing all damaged decals
  • Completing required maintenance on buses with excessive exhaust emissions


On-Board Camera System

The Company has invested heavily in an on-board electronic camera system which is currently fitted to 500 buses in the fleet. This system consists of a device which captures sights and sounds inside and outside of the vehicle. It is triggered by abrupt driving action and records eight seconds before and after such an event. This video clip is automatically downloaded to the supervisor’s personal computer and is then used as a tool to correct faulty driving habits. The system gives an accurate recording in the event of accidents and general incidents which cannot be challenged in any way. Golden Arrow intends to extend this system to all of its vehicles.

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